Abstract Submission: One Nation-One Election 2018

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National Seminar on One Nation-One Election
Date: 20-21 January 2018
Location: RMP - KEC Bhayander, Near Mumbai

Decades together, India has been rightly taking pride in its functional democracy. Aspects like smooth conduct of elections as per the schedule, seamless transfers of power when there is a change in the mandate and diminishing role of violence over the years, have made election management system in India earn admiration from all over the world.

Multiplicity of elections makes the entire nation in a permanent election mode. In India, in a span of five years apart from Lok Sabha Elections, the nation witnesses at least eight rounds of assembly elections— in some years even two rounds—and innumerable rounds of local elections including municipalities and gram panchayats. Nation has been paying a heavy price for this seemingly inevitable Multiplicity of Elections. It starts with a long, arduous Code of Conduct, which is ethically correct but practically problematic. In the name of Election Code, the entire Government machinery almost gets an official license to stop working or at least stop completing the undergoing work.

Sub Themes
1. Multiplicity of election and its challenges
2. Simultaneous election: Concept, Feasibility and Execution
3. No-Confidence and Dissolution of Houses related issues and solutions
4. Idea of aligning local body election with General Election: Feasibility and Implementation related issues
5. Simultaneous Election: Global experiences
6. Constitutional provisions
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